Sworn translation

wordit_presentación-24Translation of official documents from the educational (such as academic transcripts, degrees, enrolment documents), business and legal fields (business audits, notarized documents, criminal records and certificates).

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Scientific and medical translation

wordit_presentación-23Translation of scientific publication documents (specialised articles and books, presentations, projects and PhD theses), medical and pharmacological studies, clinical analyses and texts about nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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Legal and business translation

wordit_presentación-22Translation of legal documents (contracts, certificates, court documents, etc.) and business texts (bank documents, insurance policies, annual reports, etc.).

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If you haven’t got the time or ideas you need to maintain the blog or newsletter you set up with such high hopes but which you now find difficult to keep up to date, I can help you. The best idea is to leave it in the hands of a professional, to ensure the fresh, personal, distinctive touch that will make your readers add your blog to their bookmark folder and potential customers take the decisive step to contact you with offers of ideal projects.

Languages: Catalan and Spanish


Writing and updating content for personal and professional blogs and websites. Creating newsletters. Creative and linguistic advice before setting up a blog or creating promotional material.

Languages: Catalan and Spanish