How much is the translation going to cost me?

In most cases, I calculate the price of the translation using a per-word rate (counting the original text).

This per-word rate can vary, depending on certain factors:

The type and specialist area of the text: the price of a 1,200-word translation will be different, for example, depending on whether it is a sale contract, a clinical trial, a piece of journalism or a text on the humanities.

I should also mention that I apply a minimum charge of 20 euros for small jobs because, however short a job might seem, they all require administrative, research, text processing and editing work. I might also have to apply a surcharge of between 15 and 20% for urgent jobs or for those including non-editable text, such as documents in PDF or image formats.

When will the translation be ready?

Again, it depends on the length, difficulty and conditions of each document. As well as the translation and editing processes, you also need to remember that it is vital to spend time reading the document, as well as finding documentation and preparing reference materials. But don’t worry, as soon as you ask me for information about a job I’ll prepare a quotation and we will agree a reasonable deadline to suit you.

What does “sworn translation” mean? What makes it different from a normal translation?

The special feature of a sworn translation is that it can only be done by a translator accredited by the Spanish government or autonomous community body with the appropriate powers. That means sworn translations to or from Spanish can only be done by sworn translators accredited by the Spanish Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the case of translations to or from Catalan, these can only be done by sworn translators accredited by the Government of Catalonia’s Department of Language Policy. The validity and official nature of the translation is based on the signature and stamp of the sworn translator who does it.

And there is one important detail in the case of sworn translations: because the institutions or organisations that ask for them do not accept photocopies or scans, I will probably send them to you by ordinary or recorded delivery post instead of e-mail.

Why is the rate for sworn translations higher than for other jobs?

Precisely because of their official nature. In fact, they are very similar to notarised documents because, with the signature and stamp, the translator certifies that the translation is faithful to the original document. Sworn translations have certain characteristics and difficulties which, together with the implicit responsibility of the translator who does them, have to be reflected in the final price.

What if I need a translation in another language combination?

I’m not a translation agency with a database of hundreds of translators and I never accept jobs in languages I don’t know. However, over the years I’ve been working I’ve managed to create a network of contacts with translation professionals from areas, specialisms and languages different from mine. So don’t hesitate to contact me to ask for information for your project. Whenever I can, I’ll take care of your job or put you in contact with a trustworthy professional.